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For over 30 years, HV Creative Jewellery has been helping our clients create fond memories through one-of-a-kind, custom designed jewellery. With our state of the art modelling technology, each piece is designed with your unique vision in mind. All it takes is a little time and imagination to make the dreams of you and your loved ones a reality.

Our Studio

Our storefront features a wide variety of showcases, containing many unique and timeless lines of jewellery. The real personality of our storefront shines through our featured custom designs. Pictures of our designs completed in the past can be seen on a rotating slideshow, and any new designs recently finished will be displayed in their own showcase. Come visit us and see what we're capable of!

Our Design Process

Are you looking for a truly unique engagement ring for that special someone? Do you have old sentimental jewellery that you would want redesigned into something more contemporary? Sit down with us and we'll work together to make your dream piece of jewellery a reality. Our design process is very personal, as we work closely with each client. Combine your ideas and concepts with our experience and expertise to create your own one-of-a-kind jewellery.

From unique engagement rings to complete redesigns and reconstructions, our experts will work to create a piece that's perfect for you. Once you are happy with a concept, we can create a rough 3D rendering for you to see before committing to any piece. Changes or adjustments can be made right before your eyes. We are able to create virtually anything your heart desires.

Your jewellery is always in good hands. From soldering to stone setting, all bench work is completed in our studio by experts. Each custom piece is unique, in design and creation, thus requires its own personal touch.

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Ideation & Sketch

Bring in any images, stones, or ideas and we'll go over different possible designs with you. We'll begin with rough sketches to help visualize concepts based on your ideas.

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Digital Rendering

If the design is simple enough to allow it, we can quickly create 3D models and render them in photorealistic images to aid in visualizing your design and ensure everything is sized correctly.

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3D Printing

After finalizing the 3D model, we take that design and 3D print a castable wax model. This ensures that what you see in the rendering stage is exactly what you get.

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After casting, the ring never leaves our studio. With 30 years of experience, all goldsmithing work is expertly done in-shop.
This includes stonesetting, filing, polishing, soldering, etc.

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