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Puzzle Pieces

A puzzle isn't complete without all of its pieces
& life isn't complete without your loved one.

Twenty years ago, HV Creative Jewellery created the Puzzle Piece line.
Being one of our more timeless and enduring lines, we've decided to recreate and redefine it for 2020, now at an even higher standard.

Currently featuring four different patterns with matching interlocking mini-pieces.
Each piece is handcrafted and set with Canadian diamonds.
Available as pendants, earrings, charms, or earrings.

The perfect gift for a loved one, family, or close friends!
Made to order and completely customizable.

Puzzle Pieces

Sweet heart

Complete life's puzzle for the person who completes your life.

Our original puzzle design, featuring a heart outlined in round brilliant cut Canadian diamonds.

Complete the heart with the matching interlocking mini-piece!

first kiss

The first kiss you share with someone is something you'll never forget.

Made to capture the memory and the unparalleled feeling of that very first kiss with your loved one.

Complete the 'X' with the matching interlocking mini-piece!